A Transformative Experience

Of Texas Christian University’s 9,445 undergraduates, 249 are recognized as Chancellor’s Scholars and have been awarded the university’s most prestigious academic scholarship. The Scholars are some of the brightest and most capable students from across the country, and fortunately, they have chosen to pursue their dreams at TCU.

The Chancellor’s Scholarship is an investment in students who TCU believes are capable of making the world a better place. From the moment they set foot on campus, the Scholars are charged with considering the type of legacy they hope to leave, and they respond to the call by pursuing endeavors that will raise the expectation level at TCU. As senior Chancellor’s Scholar Phil Antinone said, “When I leave TCU, I want my advisors and teachers to think of me when future students share their desire to push the boundaries of what “can” and “can’t” be done. I want to change the status quo of the possibilities of the four years a student spends on campus.”

It is no secret that the Chancellor’s Scholars are gifted academically, but the Scholars’ goals and ambitions outside of the classroom are unassuming yet equally, if not more, admirable. Sara Babineaux, a senior Chancellor’s Scholar, said when speaking of her mission at TCU, “At TCU, I want to do more than just succeed in the classroom. Although I am here to get a degree, I am also at TCU to gain new and enriching experiences that will help me to grow as an individual and member of the community. Hopefully by the time I graduate, I have both my diploma and the tools to leave a positive impact on the world.”

The legacy I hope to be a part of on TCU’s campus is that of integrity and honor. Life is more about your decisions than your abilities.”

During the Scholars time at TCU, they embody the mission in every way imaginable – from studying abroad to conducting research in their field of study to founding new organizations on campus.

Every year the Chancellor’s Scholars transcend the University’s expectations, and the program continues to make a concerted effort to supply Scholars with all the resources necessary to fulfill their goals.

When asked how he felt the Chancellor’s Scholars Program has supported him, Jacob Choulet, a senior Scholar, replied, “The Chancellor’s scholars program is truly unique; I can’t imagine another place that has a group of over 200 students, faculty, and staff that want so much to see you succeed. Every step of the way, the Chancellor’s scholars program has supported me, whether it be academically, personally, or financially. It has opened up countless opportunities and without it, I would not be where I am today.”

The Chancellor’s Scholars are continuously challenged and push beyond their limits to realize their full potential. This year, we have chosen to embrace two specific themes: leadership and social change. Chancellor’s Scholars have been encouraged to conceptualize the aforementioned themes and then translate their ideas into action. With exercises in team-oriented leadership and a new study abroad opportunity, the program’s areas of focus have already begun to materialize.

Chancellor’s Scholars have an earnest commitment to academic and personal growth throughout their time at TCU, and we know that they will follow their passions, experience much success, and give back to TCU many times over. Being a Chancellor’s Scholar is about building everlasting relationships and embodying TCU’s motto “learning to change the world.”

Most important, the Chancellor’s Scholar experience is about a holistic developmental process that encompasses much more than four years of school. Throughout the Scholars time at TCU, they explore many facets of life: intellectual, spiritual, social, personal, and professional. In turn, they become life-long learners and discover and affirm their true passions.

As Jocelyn Sitton, a senior Chancellor’s Scholar, said in regard to what she has learned in her time at TCU, “TCU has taught me how to pursue my passions while also appreciating the diversity of opportunities I’ve had on campus. My professors have helped hone my curiosity and drive, and I feel that I’ve been intellectually challenged by my classes and peers. TCU has shaped me into a confident leader, and I’m very thankful for that.”