A.J. Bixby

Edmond, Oklahoma

Why I Chose TCU:

I first heard about TCU when my brother visited here in 2011. Once he went here, I found myself coming back and visiting and each time I returned, I loved it more and more. The infectious passion held by all of the students, the balanced size and atmosphere, and the great resources and academics. There was so much that TCU had to offer. Then, once I experienced Chancellor's Scholars Weekend, I was sold. Everyone there showed the love that any horned frog shows to their school and each other, and that set TCU apart from any other place I have seen.

Plans After Graduation:

As of right now, I plan to complete as many actuarial certification exams prior to graduation and then start working as an actuary. After getting this job, I would like to start a family with a wife, kids and a hypoallergenic dog.