Amaya Blanton portrait

Amaya Blanton

Tyler, Texas

Why I Chose TCU:

I selected Texas Christian University for its outstanding graphic design program. I believe the knowledge, opportunities, experiences, and mentorship I could potentially gain from this university are unparalleled. What made TCU my top school, however, is its integration of Christian beliefs and morals into their curriculum so that I will be able to feed my brain academically and spiritually.

Plans After Graduation:

Once I obtain a bachelor's degree in graphic design, I plan to further my education by getting a master's degree in digital media. Upon my graduation, I want to continue to work as a graphic designer while I hone my craft, find my personal voice, and develop my brand. I plan to work diligently to become a senior-level designer. I aspire to be a graphic designer turned entrepreneur and founder of a thriving philanthropic program that aids high school students in pursuing their creative careers. I want to erect a design-based mentoring service that gives students a professional mentor and opportunities to participate in projects, build their portfolios, and make connections. I want to provide these students with the same opportunities that I was given at their age that started my career and love for design. I hope to one day feel confident enough to carry out my dreams of mentoring young designers.