Amelia Bachofen

Waco, Texas

Why I Chose TCU:

I am looking to continue a liberal arts education, which I have been fortunate enough to receive at Live Oak Classical School since the second grade. Finding a school where I can continue an academically rigorous education as well as one having a well-respected dance program is invaluable to me. TCU affords me that opportunity. In addition, I want to attend TCU because it is a school where students pursue knowledge in the classroom and grow in their faith.

Plans After Graduation:

Long term, I plan a career in dance performance followed by instructing and choreographing for dance organizations. I am passionate about quality dance as it strives to draw beauty, goodness, and truth out of movement. Dance also has the rare ability to reinvent what is already beautiful, and I hope to be able to develop myself as a dancer and choreographer to that end.