Ana Guerrero-Campos Portrait

Ana Maria Guerrero-Campos

Gonzales, California

Why I Chose TCU:

Throughout the college application process, TCU remained my top choice. For one, TCU offered my major, computer science, and the College of Science and Engineering was characterized by its outstanding academics. Since TCU is a relatively small institution, professors can tend to their students' necessities, which is rare in the college climate. Attending a school where I could establish connections with my professors and seek their help when need be was essential in my decision. Additionally, TCU had a thriving social environment, creating a balance between academics and the social aspect of college. I aspired to attend a school that set equal emphasis on academics and socialization.

Plans After Graduation:

After completing my undergraduate education in computer science and Spanish, I want to enter the workforce. I come from the Salinas Valley, an area known for its agricultural productivity, inspiring me to work in the field of agriculture. With my computer science degree, I hope to use my knowledge to improve agriculture operations and help companies manage daily tasks. Concerning my Spanish degree, I want to solidify my understanding of the language I grew up speaking and expand my communication skills.