Ann Faris Portrait

Ava Faris

Huntington Beach, California

Why I Chose TCU:

As soon as I stepped onto the TCU campus, I knew that TCU was meant to be my new home. The campus has fantastic facilities that I knew would provide me with everything necessary to adapt to my new environment. In addition, when hearing from professors, students, and administration members, the positive word they employed to describe TCU proved to me that it is indeed a place where everyone belongs and that everyone comes to adore--rather quickly. When I visited the campus, I saw a couple married in front of Frog Fountain. I knew that if TCU were a place that this couple cherished enough to be the location of their wedding, I would appreciate my time there just as significantly.

Plans After Graduation:

After graduation, I hope to spend two years in the Peace Corps. After that, I hope to find a career in law enforcement, whether that is through the CIA, FBI, DEA, or ATF. After a certain amount of time in this field, I hope to attend law school and practice criminal law.