Firat Aksoy portrait

Mehmet Firat Aksoy

Gaziantep, Turkey

Why I Chose TCU:

Texas Christian University has been inspiring to me since my junior year in high school: it has one of the best football teams, talented artists in the School of Music, and experienced professors in the computer science department. I wanted to become a member of both the campus community and the computer science department, which will help me in my quest to become a cybersecurity programmer. For these reasons, TCU was not only 'the choice,' but my 'first choice.'

Plans After Graduation:

Everyone on the planet wants their privacy maintained with perfection, and privacy is monitored by cybersecurity. I want to be someone who monitors cybersecurity. After graduation, many people will chase their dream jobs. I won't do that, because I don't dream about jobs. I want my work to be remembered, not my name. A career in cybersecurity aligns with my interests, goals, and needs of the world, and that is why I will pursue it.