Harmann Chhabra portrait

Harmann Singh Chhabra

Indore, India

Why I Chose TCU:

I chose Texas Christian University because I am confident that the knowledge, freedom, and opportunities I receive here will help me design not only machines but the future as a whole. I am in awe of several multicultural and scientific organizations at TCU as well as the groundbreaking research and campaigns they undertake. I was and still am genuinely intrigued by the study abroad programs, which will help me become a global learner. The balanced curriculum, interwoven with community service and diverse peer-groups, makes TCU a perfect place for me.

Plans After Graduation:

After graduation, I plan on gaining work experience in the field of electrical engineering and electronics. I also have a keen desire to pursue international relations and will explore that as an option. In the long run, I want to be an entrepreneur in the field of science and innovation. While doing all of this, I also wish to work towards the sustainability of resources.