Henry Dyson Portrait

Henry Dyson

Wheat Ridge, Colorado

Why I Chose TCU:

I chose TCU because I saw it as the perfect fit in terms of size, community, and network for my future career. As an avid sports fan, I wanted a school that would compete against some of the powerhouse teams across the nation. I loved how students were able to attend every game free of cost against some of the most popular teams in football and basketball. Next, the community was extremely welcoming as soon as I stepped foot on campus. While difficult to get out of my comfort zone while transitioning from high school to college, TCU provided opportunities like Frog Camp so I would not hit the ground running. I definitely had to put myself out there, but making friends was surprisingly easy. Finally, the network and prestigious business school was the inciting factor that pushed me to come to TCU. I loved the personal connection that I felt with my peers and professors in every class I took. Professors were open to getting lunch with students if they wanted to explore the subject more in-depth. I loved my professors and I'm excited to see where forming these important connections take me.

Plans After Graduation:

After graduation, I plan on joining a real estate or private equity firm. TCU has a multitude of fantastic programs and mentors to help set me up for success, so I hope to leverage these opportunities to greatly help secure a job.