Kaitlin Beltran portrait

Kaitlin Beltran

Hermosa Beach, California

Why I Chose TCU:

After my first visit to TCU's campus, I was beyond impressed. I immediately thought to myself: this school is so well-rounded. With the tight-knit community, the excellent facilities, the copious ways they help their students transition into freshman year, the beautiful campus, the fantastic location, and of course, a variety of academic opportunities, TCU has it all. Every time I was on TCU's campus, I lit up. It stood out to me, and I knew I would love being able to call TCU home.

Plans After Graduation:

Currently, I am not set on a specific career, but I know that I have strength in math and would love to be able to apply it to the world, whether through business, economics, finance, or other math-related areas.