Clarice Achola portrait

Clarice Gillian Achola

Kampala, Uganda

Why I Chose TCU:

I chose TCU because, as a dark-skinned woman/Ugandan/STEM enthusiast/feminist, TCU's unique, multifaceted approach to student development is precisely what I was looking for! As an institution that values interdisciplinary learning, TCU provided the best environment for me to celebrate my diverse interests truly. At TCU, I knew I would meet a strong community of peers in STEM who would eagerly support and educate me throughout my journey. The strong sense of community and belonging I longed for in a college experience was easily found on TCU’s beautiful campus. Lastly, as an African student, I needed a campus that would see me as more than a diversity statistic, and when I first visited TCU, I knew it was the one for me.

Plans After Graduation:

As an upcoming Gen Z professional, I hope to secure a career that allows me the privilege of experiencing life to the fullest. As much as I aspire to be an electrical engineer with a master’s degree and a Ph.D., I dream of traveling the world, building healthy relationships, and exploring my creative side. Additionally, I chose a career that can be easily applied in various fields of life. Hopefully, I will end up with a job that has dibbled and dabbled its toes in business, agriculture, feminist issues, and the exploration of sustainable energy forms.