Marison Gutierrez portrait

Marisol May Gutierrez

Snoqualmie, WA

Why I Chose TCU:

What I cherished most about my high school and hometown was the strong sense of community that it fostered, and I was determined to find that same connection in my college experience. The moment that I stepped on campus, I was confident that I would find that same sense of community here and more. TCU's mission statement to educate students to act as ethical leaders in the global community resonates profoundly with my personal values, and it's been evident through my time here so far that this university wholeheartedly lives up to that mission.

Plans After Graduation:

After earning my undergraduate degree in Social Work from TCU, I aspire to embark on a career in non-profit management and leadership, dedicated to improving our nation's education system and supporting at-risk youth within our communities.