Morgan Schaefer portrait

Morgan Schaefer

North Bellmore, NY, United States

Why I Chose TCU:

In exploring the environment, community, and academic atmosphere at TCU I couldn't help but be in awe of the beautiful opportunities that filled the campus. Meeting students, professors, and other TCU representatives, everyone was so genuine and excited to share their experiences at TCU, inspiring me to want to explore the aspects of campus that shaped who they are...for such could influence who I become. Additionally, as someone who values faith and finding a community rooted in growing their spiritual life, having a supportive community on campus allowing me to develop greater connections in my faith was also a strong motive bringing me closer to my decision in choosing TCU. With such in mind, the inviting communities, beautiful campus environments, and amazing academic opportunities were the main factors that strengthened my decision to choose TCU.

Plans After Graduation:

After graduation, I hope to travel and explore non-profit organizational opportunities that could pose as potential careers in service work. I have always found joy in being a part of non-profit organizations and would love to have the ability to serve and explore career paths in humanitarian work after TCU.