Sydney Remus portrait

Sydney Remus

Valley Springs, California

Why I Chose TCU:

Community has always been an important aspect in my life. I grew up in a very small town where everyone made a point to know you and support you in any way possible. I felt welcomed from the moment I first stepped on TCU’s campus. Everyone is kind and thoughtful at TCU. It is a caring community that truly wants the best for each individual, and I really appreciate that. The other reason I chose TCU was because of the nursing program. It is well known across the country and highly spoken about. It is desirable for many reasons, but I particularly became interested when I found out it is a four year program. Having the advantage of receiving a BSN in four years as opposed to six is huge! It will give me two more years of experience in the workforce while others my age are just entering.

Plans After Graduation:

My plans after graduation involve me finding a job as a Registered Nurse. As of right now, I am highly interested in becoming a Labor and Delivery nurse with the possibility of later on becoming a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit nurse. After graduation I will use all of the skills I have gained from TCU combined with the loads of knowledge and apply it to real life. I want to be a member in society that others look up to and admire. I want to make a positive change in my community by caring for those who are sick and who need love and support. That is what I will be doing after I graduate.