Titus Fagan portrait

Titus Fagan

Waco, Texas

Why I Chose TCU:

I chose TCU because of the community. When I first toured TCU I couldn't believe how happy everyone was to be on campus. When I moved in I expected to see the "real side" of TCU, but to my amazement everyone was just as excited to be at TCU as they were when I toured. It is apparent every day that all students love being horned frogs and it is an amazing environment to be in. Being a member of this university has given me the feeling that the people on this campus are going to be ambassadors for change and that TCU is on the frontlines of making the world a better place. It truly is a special place to be.

Plans After Graduation:

When I graduate in 2027 I hope to go to graduate school at TCU to get a master's degree in accounting. After that I hope to become a CPA and work for a nonprofit organization that benefits society. I aspire to help those who have been marginalized and make everyone feel like they belong in our community.