Tyler Connelly Portrait

Tyler Connelly

Parker, Colorado

Why I Chose TCU:

I found out about TCU during my junior year and decided to apply because it met all of the criteria I was looking for in a college. After I was accepted, I began researching more in-depth and found out about all TCU has to offer. Besides its ideal size, location, and academic programs, TCU offers a level of support for its students unmatched by any other college I considered. I ultimately committed to TCU because I knew its community and resources would enable me to be as successful as possible.

Plans After Graduation:

I have been passionate about math since I was young, and in high school, I discovered that I am also interested in business and computer science. Currently, I am planning to pursue a career in actuarial science which will enable me to combine all three of these interests. I intend to use my time at TCU to learn more about this field, grow my skills, hold internships, and discover a specific area of actuarial science I want to work in.