Victor Torres portrait

Victor Torres

Fort Worth, Texas

Why I Chose TCU:

The community of TCU has always been in the background of my life and to have been offered this opportunity of a lifetime feels somewhat like destiny (as crazy as that might sound). I think TCU really allows students to flourish and explore different parts of their identities. This is due to just how welcoming and friendly the campus community is, and ultimately these factors gave me what I want most in a college experience: optimism. I am optimistic that I can make good connections here. I am optimistic that I can explore my creativity here. I am optimistic that I can make a difference here.

Plans After Graduation:

I am currently double majoring in film and computer science, and I intend to fully explore the creative possibilities of these fields. My passion is art, so my dream is to work in film and television, whether it be through writing, drawing, editing, or developing technology. I honestly hope to be involved in all of these one day, because I deeply enjoy every aspect, and I am fascinated by how each element combines together. To work with other people in creating art that can inspire individuals and entire communities is my goal in life.