Yash Tyagi Portrait

Yash Tyagi

Saharanpur, India

Why I Chose TCU:

TCU became the choice for me for numerous reasons. The motto and beliefs TCU carry with it resonated with me. I discovered many campus resources and societies like Best Buddies that I could utilize to bind with local communities and expand awareness of science and technology, persisting my love for teaching and interacting with people. Reading about the TCU Aluminis and the contribution TCU makes to the global society by forging great leaders who take prominent actions inspired me to be one myself. On my first tour, witnessing the welcoming community of TCU made my decision obvious.

Plans After Graduation:

I refine my crude experiences into learnings and make tiny pushes that fuel the growth and betterment of those who might face similar challenges. I intend to vitalize the community by actively endeavoring to solve the student's everyday challenges. Utilizing my education to create technologies that bring people closer to their needs isn't my only incentive. I also want to spread awareness of one-self and science so that people themselves endeavor to fulfill their needs.